Cypress mountain rescue

North Shore Rescue crews long-lined a stranded hiker to safety near Cypress Mountain.

The crews were called in Sunday afternoon after getting a report that two people were missing on Mount Strachan.

Search manager Scott Merriman did not know the hikers' trip plan, but was told the two were below the Howe Sound Crest Trail when they got separated. Search and rescue responded by air and on the ground, and  reached the hikers before sundown.

One of the hikers was significantly further down a steep embankment than the other, requiring the crews to long-line him to safety.

"The one managed to hike back up to the trail themselves. The other was too far down so we had to go and get him," Merriman said. "It was quite clear that they were well off of the marked trail," Merriman said.

In hope of preventing similar incidents, Merriman recommends all hikers prepare a route plan before they go and always carry a map and compass.

"It would have gone a long way to prevent this," he said.

Those heading out into B.C.'s backcountry are also advised to bring a backpack filled with supplies in case something goes wrong.

"It's really easy to get into trouble, but it's a lot easier to just be prepared and bring extra supplies for both yourself and anyone else that you may come across in some trouble," Merriman said.

According to a man named Nima who said he was one of the two hikers in trouble said he and three friends had been hiking back from St. Marks Summit when they slipped on ice and fell below trail markers.

They used a GPS tracker to try and find the trail again, but Nima watched as his friend kept sliding further away.

"He had the thought that if he slid down he's going to get to the other end of the trail," Nima said. 

That's how the pair got separated, and ended up needing rescue. 

Nima said North Shore Rescue stayed in touch with him as he navigated his way to safety and as they helped his friend.

He recommends others going hiking to go in a group and stick together, following someone who knows where they're going, because even though they had all the right equipment, they still ran into trouble.

– with files from CTV Vancouver

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