Murder described religiously

One of the young men convicted in the 2015 killing of Luka Gordic described the moment he stabbed the 19-year-old victim as a religious experience.

After years of claiming he remembered nothing from the incident, the man told a psychologist in December vivid details about the crime, the courts heard Wednesday.

“I recall looking him in the eye,” the young man said. “There was fear. And in an instant my life got bright. Everything around me glowed. I felt woke. That God slapped me in the face.

“Something super powerful gave me a punch in the heart—an electric shock of clarity. I came back down to earth. My knife was still in him.”

Crown lawyers pointed to the sudden recollection as a part of their argument that Gordic’s killers should be sentenced as adults, CTV Vancouver reports.

An adult sentence could put them in prison for life.

The swarming attack on Gordic occured after the teen expressed concern that the girlfriend of one man, Arvin Golich, was being abused.

Golich gathered several other teens and hunted Gordic down in Whistler. 

Golich was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 7 years in prison. He was 18 at the time, but the three others convicted in the death were 17.

with files from CTV Vancouver 

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