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Conditional discharge for RCMP thief

A B.C. provincial court judge has handed a former RCMP sergeant a conditional discharge after he tearfully admitted to stealing a $70 sweatshirt.

Derek Brassington, who was once a lead officer for the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team, wept as he pleaded guilty to theft and then apologized in court on Wednesday.

When he took the clothing from a Burnaby, B.C., store, he said he'd been suspended from the force for another matter and he told the court his marriage has fallen apart.

Brassington said he's been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder but none of that is an excuse for his criminal behaviour, because police officers should be held to a higher standard.

In June 2011, charges were laid against Brassington and three other officers in connection to a murder investigation.

Brassington faces seven charges, including breach of trust, obstruction of justice and defrauding the RCMP in the form of wages or overtime pay.

The Canadian Press

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