Notorious rapist to be released

One of B.C.’s most notorious sex criminals is being released from prison in a matter of weeks, according to documents obtained by CTV News.

Ernest Thomas Meigs is due for statutory release on Nov. 4, despite fears from the Parole Board of Canada that the 38-year-old rapist is still capable of extreme violence.

“Testing places you at a moderate-high risk for both violent and sexual reoffending,” one board member wrote of Meigs last week in a pre-release decision.

“It appears that if you return to crime it will be very serious, resulting in death or serious injury.”

Meigs sparked a massive manhunt in May 2002 after breaking into a Surrey home in the middle of the night armed with a loaded shotgun, duct tape, a chisel and a flashlight.

He tied one woman up and raped her then proceeded to kidnap another at gunpoint. For the next 28 hours he repeatedly sexually assaulted her, blamed her for her kidnapping and otherwise tormented her.

At one point Meigs forced the woman into a position where he could shoot himself and strike her with the same bullet, according to Parole Board documents.

The sex offender has spent more than a decade in custody since his capture, but his troubling behaviour persisted behind bars, where he allegedly threatened his parole supervisor, behaved in an aggressive and demanding manner, and became sexually fixated on a female staff member.

“Your artwork and stories demonstrate a fantasy life involving both violence and sexual violence,” the parole documents state.

“Your sexual fantasies will need to be monitored very closely at all times.”

The board credited Meigs for upgrading his education and starting to take medication to improve his mental health during his sentence.

Doubts were cast on his overall progress, however, despite Meigs having completed various programs including the High Intensity Sex Offender and Anger and Emotions programs.

“Although you are willing to complete programming, it is noted that you are doing so, more in the interests of being released earlier in your sentence than for personal development,” the board member wrote.

His statutory release will be limited by a number of conditions, including that he live at a halfway house, follow a strict 10 p.m. curfew, keep away from alcohol and drugs and have no direct or indirect contact with his victims or members of their families.

Meigs is also barred from owning or accessing any explicit material that depicts sexual violence towards women, particularly female police officers and correctional staff.

He must report any sexual or non-sexual relationships with women to his parole supervisor and complete psychological counselling.

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