Abundance is a Mindset - That's it!

You just need to spend some time in Las Vegas to know this is true.

Every time I go to Vegas I am in awe of the outright hugeness of everything! (I know, hugeness likely isn’t a real word, but hey, if Jon Stewart can make up words, so can I!) The money that is spent to build and maintain these incredible structures blows my mind.

Did you know that creating abundance is about receiving and learning to receive well? On one hand that might seem obvious. Of course, you have to be willing to receive in order to have more money or more of anything. But are you willing to receive more of everything? The good, the bad and the ugly?

Probably not.

And you’re in good company! Most people will not entertain the bad and the ugly. We all just want the good. However, and I’ll warn you ahead of time, this might be a stretch, in order to receive everything you can receive you MUST receive the bad and the ugly, too. Simply said, the more you are YOU, the more you might rub some people the ‘wrong’ way. The more you step into your greatness, more people are going to be threatened by you. The more you express what you really feel and make a stand the more people will stand up and disagree with you – even say you’re crazy. Or better yet, some of you might recognize this, they’ll say ‘who do you think you are?’.

Ever have that happen?

It can be pretty darn uncomfortable.

But you know what’s on the other side? YOU.

And everything else you want. Cool, huh?

Can you really be the best at what you do and not encounter jealousy from others? Can you really excel if you don’t push past the boundaries of discomfort and risk rejection?

The short answer, ‘NO’.

Sure, you’ll have some success and there will those of you who are reading this that have had great success. You know who you are. But you also know that there’s more – that you could be more, but you don’t BE more (yes, I did write that intentionally) Why? Lots of reasons – they often start with ‘I feel guilty for wanting more, my life is so blessed.’ or ‘I should just be happy where I’m at’.

How dare you! Yes, you read that right. How dare you settle!

What if you taking that next step helped one other person to do that for themselves? What if taking that one step helped MANY others?

The same goes for you who tell yourselves ‘who am I to do this or that?’ Did you know that the inkling or the excitement you get when you think of doing something big in your life is the awareness the Universe is trying to give you? No, you’re not making it up – it’s that energetic ‘wow’ that is actually our inner GPS saying ‘yes, go in this direction’.

When you receive that awareness and act on it, abundance shows up. Sometimes it might be money to start – sometimes it’s not.

Abundance shows up in so many ways that we forget to be grateful – for instance – ideas and opportunities – do you have a lot of them? Be grateful for them! That’s abundance! Do you know that just one of those ideas could make you financially abundant?

By stepping out, listening to your awareness, to who you really are and acting on it allows you to receive more of what you want.

If it’s love that you want in abundance, you need to step out and be you. No, not everyone will love you but the one’s who resonate with you and do love you – will fill you with enough love for an eternity.

If it’s money that you want in abundance, you need to step out and be you. Step into your ideas, follow what feels light and for heaven’s sake – take action!! Those who resonate with you will hand over their money gladly because you are lighting the way!

If it’s more business or better work that you want in abundance, you need to step out and be you. The more you step out of the fear of rejection and into the incredible infinitely powerful being you are – the more you will attract exactly what you want.

It’s all about your mindset and the actions you take. We’re the only ones that can stop ourselves. So stop stopping yourself and you’ll have all the abundance you want!! Come and join me at SmarterFasterFormula.com where I will share in a free webinar the formula that has helped my private clients bust through the blocks they had that stopped them.

In the meantime, remember that shifting your mindset will allow you to shine and grow into the life you deserve!

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Karen Luniw burst onto the scene with the advent of podcasting in 2006. Her podcast has been in the Top 10 in Self-Help on iTunes since and has accumulated a whopping 20 million + downloads in that time. Through her podcast, coaching and online programs, Karen advises Business Owners, Managers and Executives how to attract crazy-amazing opportunities more easily than they ever imagined so they can be living life exactly how they want.

Karen works in business and as VP of her local chamber has influenced her work with brand-new-to-business Solopreneurs, seasoned Entrepreneurs, Top International Sales Pros to International Lawyers, Hollywood Creatives and even a staff member of the Executive Office of the President of the United States. The trend of many of her clients is to move from their front line roles into VP or Chief Executive roles or to the top of the field in their business. Karen has been able to achieve this by sharing her powerful QC2 Method that literally demolishes any mindset blocks that get in the way of people's goals and dreams. The result? Quantum Leaps into Success and Infinite Possibilities.

It wasn’t always so exciting and glamorous. Having worked for years for non-profits, government contractors and social agencies – Karen has worked front line with some of society’s most dangerous, misunderstood and disenfranchised individuals...with success. Karen has been featured in the well-read Huffington Post, HuffPo Live, appeared on Global BC, and featured in The Financial Post and The Vancouver Sun and is a sought after speaker for business and women's groups.

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