Are you a victim of your job?

Many of you may be enjoying a hot week, Wooohooooo!!!

Recently, I've seen a number of people on Facebook , who are obviously really unhappy in their jobs.

Seventy-one percent of people hate their jobs, according to a recent Gallup poll and that fact is just sad.

Why do we stay in jobs that we hate? Really, when it boils down to it - at the very base of the core - it's because most people believe they don't have a choice. They need the money and therefore they have no choice.

Especially in this economy, right?  We all have bills, right? Somebody has got to pay them. So we kind of give up - does that sound familiar?

If so, as famously said in Moonstruck - SNAP OUT OF IT!! LOL - okay, I hope you're not growling at me at this moment, but really, I'd like you to snap out of it and consider a different strategy.

Can you see that 'I have no choice' or 'I'm lucky to have a job in this economy' are both conclusions and not questions? I know you can. So what does that mean? It means that when you come to a conclusion about ANYTHING, when you believe it's the truth - you lock that conclusion, that belief into place. Is that the reality you want to live in? I mean really?! I don't think so.

Of course, this is what we've all learned but there is a different way. You see, as soon as you come to a conclusion about anything - you give your mind permission to stop looking for alternatives. Yes, you may want things to be different but wanting and asking questions are two entirely different animals. And, as a result, you'll create two entirely different realities.....period.

You can make a different choice.

Don't get me wrong, yes, absolutely be grateful for the job you have and the pay cheque that comes along with it but don't be a victim of it. Are you not the Master of Your Domain? (hey, not the Seinfeld kind! - lol) Your Destiny? Your Life?

It all starts with a choice and a question.

Five years ago, I did just that. My sweet husband Geoff had been watching me be stifled in my job and he knew better than I did what I could share with the world if I allowed myself to do so and one morning he said 'if you don't quit your job, I'm going to quit mine and you'll have to stay where you are forever'. I can laugh now but at the time I totally panicked.


So I made a choice to start asking questions. Can I really do this? How can I do this? Is it possible? What's next?

What happened? I started to think differently than I ever thought before. I thought Geoff was completely serious (I only found out later that he wasn't serious at all - he loved his job). By the end of the week I had arranged to take all my holidays which I had been accumulating and a short leave of absence. In fact, as I think about it, my new life started this weekend five years ago. When I came back to my job after the summer, I wasn't sure what I was going to do but I knew in the first two hours that I couldn't do it anymore.

So I had to make another choice and start asking more questions. The result was that I came up with all kinds of other alternatives and I left my job for good a month later.

Hear me on this, you don't have to leave your job but if you want things to be different you need to make the choice that you think it can be, that you're worth it and start asking questions like 'what else is possible?' You can also try these or some other variation that leads you in the direction of what you'd like to create.

  • Have I really told my employer what I require or have I actually been hoping they'll somehow figure it out?
  • Is there some other job I can do in this company?
  • If this company doesn't really value me, what other company will?
  • Is there another way that I can enjoy my job more? make more money? have more fun? have it be easy?

For me, this process has changed my life for the better in an absolutely amazing way! Has it all been easy? No way!! But, worth every moment. Five years ago I realized the 'dream job' I wrote out in my journal about seven years before. I have amazing clients, I commute 10 steps to my office, I work when I want to work, I have amazing clients, I have incredible experiences and I make more money.

What would your amazing dream job look like?

Here's what I know. It can be better. Your life. Your work. Your money. Anything. Start asking what would it take for you to believe that too....it'll change your life. How cool, huh?!

And, just so you know, you don't have to figure this out all on your own - I have an amazing tool coming your way called the Attract More Now Essentials Program - where you can get your questions answered - watch for my announcement in the next couple of weeks!!

I would be thrilled to hear what shows up for you, let me know, post on Facebook Page.

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