Co-workers that drive you crazy!

Perhaps you feel that this isn’t the time to start looking for another job but your co-workers are driving you absolutely nutty – what do you do!?

We’ve all been there – you’re in a meeting and it’s gone overtime and there are one or two co-workers who keep asking questions or keep the most inane conversation going – don’t they have a life? Don’t they ever get hungry? Can’t they see that what they’re talking about only applies to them!?

Or, you have the evil ‘twins’ who gossip about everyone, think they’re better than everyone and either laugh loudly when you walk by or stop talking when you come into a room.

Yikes! It’s enough to pull your hair out and run screaming for the hills.

First things first – ask yourself if you really do enjoy your job. Not to say that these people don’t exist in every work place, but noticing them can often be a symptom of something going on inside of you.

Fair question, right? Forget all the co-worker bull – do you actually like the job you do? Are you feeling challenged enough in your job? Are you utilizing the skills and abilities you have?

Or, have you settled? Don’t worry, I will get back to how to handle your crazy co-workers but again, ask yourself – have you settled?

If so, you’re in good company. There is nothing like a good recession for people to go into fear for their job, their security and their livelihoods. There are a lot of people doing this right now. However, I’d like you to start thinking bigger. Is that all you’re really here to do? Live a life doing a mediocre job? I don’t think so.

See, the way our mind works, as soon as you move into fear – it’s really difficult to focus on possibility. Our subconscious mind filters out anything that doesn’t match what we are focusing on. So if you’re focusing on ‘reality’ – you’ll get more ‘reality’. Period.

Just start looking for green Volkswagen’s and let me know if you start to see more.

What you focus on becomes real. What you focus on becomes louder. Sometimes what you focus on becomes more irritating. What you focus on becomes bigger, brighter. It holds your focus.

So if all you can see is something you don’t like – shift your focus and start asking questions. Positive ones. Like ‘what would it take to have an amazing day today?’ or ‘what would it take for the evil twins to be genuine and friendly?’ or ‘what would it take to be doing something really exciting and fun at work today?’

Now, I know there will be some who will be, at this moment, rolling their eyes and lamenting that I just don’t know how bad their situation is – and you’re right, I don’t know how bad your situation is – but you do and this is the way out.

Try these action items out:

  • Ask yourself if you actually do like your job.
    » If yes, start asking the questions I mentioned above or some form of them.
    » If no, start asking ‘what else is possible?’ and start asking for more responsibility or start looking for a new, BETTER job.
  • Don’t play with your nasty, negative co-workers. It’s okay to be a team player and independent. Keep asking those questions I mentioned above like ‘what can I change that will generate a different outcome?’
  • Start looking for the good in your situation and in the people around you. If you were in a work simulation game or a reality show and these people and these situations were all pointing to something you needed to learn to overcome and get to the next level – what would that lesson be?
  • Speak up. Most problems at work come from not having confidence to speak up appropriately. Learn how to do this – it will make ALL the difference.
  • Keep asking for what you want from life. These are questions that keep your subconscious mind searching for opportunities – for answers. You don’t ask, you don’t get.
When you connect this way and question and choose, as often as you can, you’ll see immediate shifts in your current reality. Your work life improves. Your relationships get better. Opportunities start to show up along with more money.

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