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***I wrote this article five years ago and it is still the advice I give to individuals that ask me this question. I've updated it in only two areas which are all in CAPS.  I think it's pretty cool to see this as relevant today as it was then!  It's an excerpt from my book Attraction in Action.***
What would it feel like to get up every day and be 'in love' with your partner? Day after day, month after month, year after year?
Can you imagine that?
Really take a moment and think about what that would be like for you.
What qualities would that partner have that you could be in love with every day? If you write this down right now and if I could fly around the world and look at everyone's answer - I could see something substantially different on every piece of paper.
The truth is that we're all looking for something different and that's why we're not attracted to everyone we come across.

Whatever you wrote down has a frequency, an energy connected with it. To attract the partner with these qualities you need to connect with what it would feel like to be around a person with these qualities. Really connect with that feeling and how great it would be and be assured that person, whoever it is, is making their way to you.  START TO APPRECIATE THESE QUALITIES IN YOURSELF, YOUR FRIENDS AND OTHERS YOU COME ACROSS.  START ASKING THE UNIVERSE (GOD, HIGHER POWER, WHATEVER THAT IS FOR YOU) 'WHAT WOULD IT TAKE TO HAVE THIS KIND OF PERSON IN MY LIFE?' AND START PAYING ATTENTION TO THE CLUES.

Before I knew about the Law of Attraction, I had written down my own list. I went through a spell of kissing a lot of frogs (well, not real frogs but some very wrong guys for me!) and remember lamenting to my friend Dawna about how lonely I was feeling. We would have our chats and she would always say 'you know....he's right around the corner'. Somehow this hope had redirected my energy from - 'where is he?' to 'yes, he's on his way!' It made all the difference and my energy did shift.

Funnily enough, Geoff, my sweetheart, actually did live right around the corner from me and I feel fortunate to say that I'm still in love EIGHTEEN and a half years later! I just asked and he says he feels the same and will be in love with me forever! :)
Yahoo - what a sweetie, hey?!!! He possessed all the qualities I wrote down on my list BUT also didn't possess the qualities I forgot to write down. So, be thorough with your list! I lucked out and as it turns out the items I 'forgot' actually weren't that important.
Seek out couples who are in love - spend time with them if you can, Karen. Being in that kind of energy can literally rub off - or at the very least raise your standards! When you're around people that are truly in love - being around a partner or date that is not loving or respectful is such a contrast. Cherish this contrast, as it is very useful information that can help you to decide what you do and don't want.

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