Hope you've had an amazing week!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

Let’s do this for a moment–  go into your ‘WowZone’ and look around at your life and soak up every good thing you can say ‘Wow’ about in awe!!  (Watch your vibration shift!! It will!)

I’ve created a new podcast for you, Why Does the Opposite Show Up? Click on the picture to watch it!

If you’ve ever decided that this was the time you were really going to change things and you got to it, set goals, visualized, etc. and then had the very opposite show up – you’ll want to watch this podcast!  I explain why that happens and what you can start to do about it!

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Want to take your life further?  On January 5th, I am starting a new program called - The Attraction Mindset 2.0 Abundance Program -  check it out.  If you’re interested, I have an extra special deal for you - use this Coupon Code:  podcast  to get this Group Coaching program for a crazy-amazing price – a one time deal only.

Enjoy your WowZone this week!!

Best of everything to you!

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Karen Luniw burst onto the scene with the advent of podcasting in 2006. Her podcast has been in the Top 10 in Self-Help on iTunes since and has accumulated a whopping 20 million + downloads in that time. Through her podcast, coaching and online programs, Karen advises Business Owners, Managers and Executives how to attract crazy-amazing opportunities more easily than they ever imagined so they can be living life exactly how they want.

Karen works in business and as VP of her local chamber has influenced her work with brand-new-to-business Solopreneurs, seasoned Entrepreneurs, Top International Sales Pros to International Lawyers, Hollywood Creatives and even a staff member of the Executive Office of the President of the United States. The trend of many of her clients is to move from their front line roles into VP or Chief Executive roles or to the top of the field in their business. Karen has been able to achieve this by sharing her powerful QC2 Method that literally demolishes any mindset blocks that get in the way of people's goals and dreams. The result? Quantum Leaps into Success and Infinite Possibilities.

It wasn’t always so exciting and glamorous. Having worked for years for non-profits, government contractors and social agencies – Karen has worked front line with some of society’s most dangerous, misunderstood and disenfranchised individuals...with success. Karen has been featured in the well-read Huffington Post, HuffPo Live, appeared on Global BC, and featured in The Financial Post and The Vancouver Sun and is a sought after speaker for business and women's groups.

Learn more about Karen at AttractMoreNow.com and TheLawofAttractionCenter.com

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