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Real men want a partner not playmate

The most beautiful women in the world, and currently in command of the thinking man’s attention, are the modern, accomplished, mature women. Society has never truly recognized the women that make up this demographic until recently and there are a lot of hot, attractive examples in today’s media grabbing our attention.

Of all the advances society has made, the coming of age, (pun intended) of the older women is one of the greatest advances this century. Sorry guys, if you have age, control, and compensation issues, if you’re stuck in the macho man mentality that you’re the breadwinner and that makes you man of the house, don’t read any further. You can go back to your fluffy, needy, trophy-girl and enjoy the time doing personal development counseling and ego boosting sessions during your sports intermissions. Or you could be with an older more secure woman, who’s past all that and knows what to do with 30 minutes of your free time.

Everywhere in our media and culture, accomplished women are being celebrated. They are finally putting distance between themselves and the playmate cheerleader types men worshiped for so long. A lot of men who seek both attributes, emotional and physical, are discovering that having a partner instead of a playmate can be far more rewarding.

A woman, who keeps her mind sharp, her body dynamic, and her sense of self in healthy perspective, is exquisitely attractive, and that is disconcerting for men with shadows of macho insecurities.

I’m not referring to the bored mall moms or hectic mini-van moms; I am referring to the comprehensive woman who has found balance and self-worth in being all she can be to herself first, thus being all she can be to everyone else second.

Older women have been dealt a harsh hand for decades, mostly from the popular media. The expected body image and lifestyle image that they are supposed to attain is unrealistic and completely ridiculous. Only now are they starting to understand that one can be beautiful, accomplished and desirable in any chapter of life. The amount of propaganda that besieges a woman on a daily basis is preposterous, and it’s too bad some women still buy into it.

A lot of these Alpha guys are desperately insecure, but compensate by trying to be in charge, as if given some divine right to be the head of the house. They have a hard time dealing with a women and a spouse who values herself as a partner and equal, not some stereotypical housewife, who just happens to work. This can be threatening to their ingrained belief system that man is in charge, the women subservient.

This unfortunately is some men’s antiquated way of thinking, much like beer and cheerleader type chicks who  dominated the media for decades. Today it’s fine wine with an older beautiful woman that is becoming the preference for confident, thinking men. A lot of modern men are happy to share the pleasures and pressures, the triumphs and tribulations with what in reality can be not just their partner, but can also be their favourite playmate. Older girls wanna have fun too!

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About the Author

Jeff Hunkin is a 47-year-old Community Service Worker working with autistically challenged male adults in Vernon. The son of a retired Edmonton city policeman, Hunkin was raised and educated in both BC and Alberta. Hunkin continued his studies of the Human experience for over 10 years, in 7 provinces, 3 states, 15 cities and at least a 100 postal codes.

At times he has known the privilege of materialistic wealth and at others lived in a world of harsh poverty.  He has loved and lost more than most people see in a lifetime, he has been a free, happy and unbridled spirit, yet for a period of time, imprisoned within the depths of depression, all the while studying and observing the human experience unfold before him.

Hunkin's subjects are the very topics we usually discuss in our staff rooms, coffee shops or dinner parties. For whatever reason; being fear-based, being politically correct, or just no mainstream media theatres of discussion, these subjects rarely see the ink of print. HER side, his side, their side, your side, you may not like it, but someone will. Hunkin will take it, talk about it, run with it, roll with it, and see where it takes us all.

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