Oh poop!

Poop, it’s something each and everyone one of us does or should do on a daily basis.  It’s regularity, consistency, and form gives us an accurate picture of the internal workings and current health state of the digestive system. 

A healthy normal bowel movement should occur organically one to three times a day without strain, wincing or discomfort.  After a bowel movement there should be a sense of full evacuation and satisfaction, not a continued sense of fullness or urgency.  The stool itself should be about the size of a banana, light brown in color, solid, tube shaped, with a mild but non-offensive odor.

When the digestive system is in a state of dysfunction or distress your body will let you know.  You may begin to pass: diarrhea, mucus, blood, or undigested food in your stools when there is a lack of absorption taking place.  Constipation, urgency, difficult or incomplete defecation, loose or pellet like stools may develop when there is a digestive dysfunction.

Many of my patients respond very well to the combination of Traditional Acupuncture, Chinese herbology, and diet modifications to regulate digestive health and get their poop back on track!


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