Beating the winter blues

I don’t think there is anyone amongst us who hasn’t at one time or another experienced the “winter blues”. Whether it was feelings of no motivation, moodiness or down right depression most people can confess that they have been there. Beyond the obvious factors of limited exposure to sunshine, reduced levels of vitamin D and cold winter temperatures, what else about winter makes so many people feel depressed?

In Acupuncture & Chinese Medical theory the winter months are thought of as a time of storing and hibernating, a time to slow down, sleep more, take it easier and incorporate more warm and slow cooked foods into the diet.  Unfortunately, for the majority of people their lifestyles don’t allow them to be in tune with Mother Nature.  During the winter months most people simply don’t have the time and flexibility in their schedules to slow things down, sleep more, and spend a few extra hours a week making stews and other healthy snacks.  Instead their winter calendar is often full of extra work hours and commitments, overindulgent and late night festivities, and long flights for a few days of hot weather and sunshine.

Can Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine flip a magical switch that will make people slow down and lead less hectic lifestyles that are more in sync with Mother Nature?  The answer is no. However, Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine can help people overcome the signs and symptoms of the “winter blues” and in turn, empower people to manage and make positive changes to hectic and out of balance lifestyles. 

The “winter blues” trifecta: no motivation, moodiness, and depression are all common issues treated in Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine.  Through the use of Acupuncture and cupping treatments we are able to treat these issues by restoring the correct flow of Qi throughout the body which in turn regulates the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) and takes people from a sympathetic state (flight or flight) to parasympathetic state (rest or digest). Research has shown that people who are able to sustain longer periods of the parasympathetic state (rest or digest) typically have improved quality of sleep, digestion, energy levels, and emotional well-being! Ear Acupuncture treatments, have been proven to have a profound effect on reducing the urge to use illegal drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, junk food, etc. the crutch many people turn to for temporary relief of depressive moods.

By improving emotional well being and negating the dependency on mood altering vices, Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine can truly help people lead healthier lives and sustain a positive state of emotional well-being!


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Ryan Samuels is a Registered Acupuncturist and Chinese Medical Herbalist (R.Ac, R.TCMP) at KLO Chiropractic Centre in Kelowna. He holds a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine diploma, and has a special interest in the treatment of digestive issues, neuropathy, acute & chronic pain, sports injuries, and migraines.  All treatments with Ryan are individualized and designed around your current physical and mental well being. 

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