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The magic of intentions

I hope that you all had an amazing Christmas and continue to have a wonderful holiday season. The New Year is fast approaching and with it limitless possibilities for growth, change and new opportunities. Usually we set about to create this through setting resolutions and this year I would like to offer you a different approach; one that is much more powerful and magical and really does work. It is called “intentions”.

When we set our intention to change or even better, create something new, we are sending out signals to universal powers that we know what we desire. This allows these powers to work with us, to help us in manifesting our desires.

It is very important to be crystal clear in your intentions and to have unwavering faith in the unfolding of them. I first tried this myself about seven years ago. I set only one intention for that year but I was crystal clear about it. It was to say “yes” to every opportunity that presented itself to me, no matter how afraid I was to try it or how impossible it seemed at the time.

That year, against all odds, I launched my first radio show, did my first live TV tour and became a regular guest on Breakfast Television in Edmonton. The challenges I faced were numerous. My partner at the time did not believe I could or would do it and I was raised to believe that I could not have a voice let alone be seen much anywhere. I had to face many fears and did it pretty much alone, without the emotional support from my immediate family. Still, because I was very clear that my intention was to say “yes” ....I did it. And so can you.

We are unlimited beings and can have anything that we desire. Change, growth, healing and manifesting desires is all possible through setting our intentions, doing our part, letting go of outcomes and timing and having faith in ourselves and in the benevolence of the universe.

When you are setting your intentions for 2013 I would like to suggest that you consider this one fact first. We often ask for too little when we can, in fact, ask for more. Perhaps take a look at your intentions and set your sights a notch or two higher ....everything is possible, if you allow it to be so.

I will be doing a series of columns starting in the New Year to help you with some profound manifestation tools so that “doing your part” to create a magical year is done so with ease, grace and joy.

My challenge to you: Just for this New Year.....set some crystal clear intentions to create your ideal life. You are worth it.

Happy New Year!

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