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A new look at aging

How do you define age? What is the relationship between calendar years and looks, feeling, interests and activities?

We need to start removing shame and stigma that are attached to the fact that your birth age has reached a certain number. It is important for us to embrace our age and to not value “youth” as being any more than the formative years of our life.

Did you know that age is not a matter of birthdays? Here are some facts that you may find interesting:

  • Biologically speaking, the older we grow the slower the aging process.
  • We change more, physically and mentally, from age ten to twenty than from thirty to fifty.
  • There is hardly any aging from sixty to seventy.
  • Not all parts of the body age in the same degree.
  • Your eyes begin to age at ten, your hearing at twenty, your muscular activity at thirty and the brain after sixty.

Essentially, on the basis of your birthdays, you may be a certain age, however, you are only ever as old as you feel, think, act and respond. This means that you could be old at forty or young at sixty. The choice is up to you.

Walter Pitkin in his bestseller “Life Begins at Forty” says: “As a matter of record people can get more out of their fourth, fifth and sixth decades of life than out of any earlier period in their life, simply by knowing how to live and how to make the most out of every opportunity presented to them…”

We have a choice as to how we view life as we get chronologically older. We can limit ourselves by preparing mentally, spiritually and physically to die and therefore experience the same or we can look at life sensibly and maintain a healthy mental attitude about our age. We can retain an interest in the people and the world around us and we can also keep ourselves mentally alert and youthful simply by keeping our thoughts positive and loving.

We no longer measure levels of usefulness or disability by our chronological age. We remain active in mind and spirit and we are mindful of healthy activity on a regular basis. We are open to change and instead of being stubborn or dictatorial, we easily adapt ourselves to newer conditions.

We can accept the transition from youth to middle age with grace, dignity and equanimity or we can fight it all the way. It is helpful to keep in mind that youth is the stepping stone to life and not its ultimate end and there is no youth alive who does not hope and dream and want to grow older.

Enjoy the present and remember that matured age has its joys, its pleasures, its thrills and its compensations. Embrace the good and accept the challenges.

My challenge to you: Just for today....choose to feel younger.

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