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The art of surrender

Welcome to a new day. Even though it is Wednesday we can choose to make it one of surrendering rather than enduring to get though the week and have the weekend here once again. Why do we need to surrender?

When we move from the victim mentality to one of empowerment we are so busy planting seeds for the manifestation of our desires. This is a time when we work very hard and act on all of our hunches, our intuition, to move forward and lead fulfilling lives.

During this process we will be challenged with certain obstacles and things may not seem to be going according to our original plans and/or in accordance with our timing.

The only solution for this is to surrender and TRUST in the divine process, in divine timing and in the fact the universe is co-creating with us every step of the way. And sometimes our job is to simply step back and let the universe do its job.

If we try to force things, our results are far from what we envisioned and likely won’t last. On the other hand when we surrender and trust, we enter into a state of allowing things to happen easily and gracefully, in perfect timing and with end results that are far greater than we could have imagined.

This is how the universe works and it is a beautiful thing ...if only we would let it be.

Regardless of how far down the spiritual path we are ...this is a constant lesson that will show up for us until we get it ...believe me, I know! As evolved as I am, I still get caught up in the timing of things and am learning the art of surrender right along with you.

It may seem that being surrendered is a lazy, inactive way to go about doing business or creating your dreams. The truth is there is no greater act of faith and confidence in our trusting that our divine blueprint is indeed being fulfilled, even when we can’t see it, than when we are totally surrendered, at peace and celebrating our accomplishments thus far.

In the end, if we do surrender and enjoy the process, things actually do come together more quickly because we have gotten out of our own way. Solutions magically appear where none were to be found no matter where you looked. It is that simple.

God wants you to be happy ....when you feel stuck or things aren’t happening exactly as you had hoped then simply “Let go and Let God”.

You’re worth it and then some.

I invite you to submit any questions or concerns that you want addressed in my next week’s column. Your identity will remain anonymous and guiding you is my greatest pleasure to do and my gift to you.

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