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Dear Dawn...

I have been out of work for several months now and I am starting to feel very frustrated about finding a new job. I have applied to many places and have even signed on with many companies to help me. Can you offer and guidance on how things will go for me? It is my hope to have a new job by the end of the month. Thank you for your help with this, J.


Dear J.,

The main message I am getting for you is to believe that the impossible (or so it seems to you right now) is possible. You are being asked to draw on your natural abilities to have hope and trust that your efforts to find a new job have been recognized by a power larger than your mind and you will reap the rewards for all of the seeds you have planted.

This force of energy that comes from our Universe has its own timing and this is what has caused the delays. We normally think of springtime as the time to plant seeds, with summer as the time to nurture and water those seeds and fall as the time for harvest.

In your case you planted your seeds in the winter, nurtured them during the spring and as a result your time of harvest will be this summer.

Although you may be feeling frustrated, tired and weary at this time you are being encouraged to not give up but rather tap into all of your inner strength for that last final push towards your dream job. I do see this job being a new beginning for your career. It will allow you the opportunity to use your past experiences and still learn so much more about your industry and grow into a very high level position with a major company.

You will be offered more than one job by two different companies and one will require that you re-locate. If this is part of your desire then you are being advised to choose the job that will allow for you to grow into an executive management position. This is something that you always dreamed of but until now lacked the real opportunity for this ultimate career and offer.

If you choose to take the job where re-location is concerned you will be met with some resistance from family. You will also be tempted to hold yourself back because of this. I am feeling that you have done this so many times in the past but now it’s your time and your decisions should be made with what is best for you in mind. In time, your family will support your decision.

Every day is a new day ….Just for today, believe in the impossible and trust that you have planted and nourished your seeds well. It is time for you to harvest an amazing job and career opportunity and although it has taken time your waiting period will soon be over.

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