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Dear Dawn...

I am pretty happy with my life as it is right now but was hoping you could help me to see what lies ahead for me in the next six months? I am a coach and want to grow to my client base. Thanks for your help, R.


Dear R.,

The best thing for you to focus on to grow your current client base is twofold.

The first thing you can do is to focus on your healing abilities and strengthen this through the use of crystals, light body work and any other modality of energy healing that resonates with you. Essentially I am getting that there are definitely three modalities for you to consider, study and use to enhance your current coaching practice.

This is likely going to involve a year of certifications but I do feel it is worth it to you and your career as a coach.

The second thing I see you doing that would really take your practice to the next level is to write a book. I am seeing it as an inspirational book that will enlighten and guide your clients to higher states of mind and being.

Writing a book can seem very daunting but I am being guided to advise you to write one page each day and allow it to be a process and journey rather than a destination.

As you write your daily pages try not to censor or edit any of it. This will come at a later time. The idea is to simply get your thoughts on paper without expecting it to look or sound perfect, at least initially.

It is helpful to come up with a possible title and outline for the book as this will help to focus your mind with your daily pages.

Once you have started this process, and probably by fall, you will begin to attract people into your life to help you with the publication of your book when it is complete.

What you have accomplished already is tremendous and the more you can honor your achievements thus far the easier it will be for you to take your practice and your life to the next level. You are on the right track and a few additions to your current list of talents and abilities will make all the difference in the world.

I also see your book being a huge success but again, try to enjoy the journey with it and allow the Universe to answer the “how” to get it published and promoted. You don’t need to know all the answers at this time; you just simply need to start… one page at a time.

Every day is a new day…. Just for today be gentle with yourself and appreciate all that you have already accomplished. Do something to celebrate you and know that you are on the right track. Adding a few extra healing modalities will be second nature for you and enjoy the process of writing your first book!

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