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Dear Dawn...

I have been single for almost one year now and feel that I am ready to start dating again. What do you see for me in the near future regarding my romantic life? Will I meet someone soon? Thank you for help with this. H.


Dear H.,

There is a strong indication that you have already met your ideal partner. Neither of you are aware that what is currently a friendship will blossom into a romantic relationship.

There is potential for you both to experience a very strong and lasting bond together and as with every new relationship, red flags will show up as a way for you both to communicate with each other so that you can establish healthy boundaries right from the start.

This will serve to assist you both in building a strong foundation that will help you get through the bad times which all couples inevitably have to go through.

You both stand to learn a lot from each and to grow and evolve in ways that being friends and being single does not allow.

You career and financial situation seems to also be a high priority for you right now but with creating a healthy balance between both aspects of your life you will be able to succeed with both.

It also look as though this man, who is now your friend, travels a great deal for work but you are being encouraged to resolve your concerns with this and trust that the distance between you will actually help you to enjoy each other more fully when you are together.

I feel that by June 1st you will know very clearly who this man is and your romantic relationship will start to blossom at that time.

In the meantime focus on getting your career and finances into balance so that it is not a going concern for you any longer but rather a source of accomplishment that bring you greater peace, joy and fulfillment.

This would also be a good time for you to focus on treating yourself the way you would expect to be treated in a relationship. It is much easier for others to do for us that which we are willing to do for ourselves. You will also feel better about yourself and more confident about entering into a new relationship again.

Again, having the friendship already established with this man will allow for a very solid and happy union full of love, ease joy and grace.

Every day is a new day… Just for today reflect on the men you know and that you are friends with and allow the one man (you do know who he is) into your heart in a deeper and more loving way. The romance will take care of itself and you will find yourself being truly happy and in a very healthy relationship. You do deserve this so allow yourself the gift of love this man will bring.

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