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Dear Dawn...

I would like some guidance on what I can expect from life over the next few months. On one hand I feel excited about starting something new and on the other hand I am afraid to start anything for fear of it not working out. Your insights on this would be appreciated. Thank you, O.


Dear O.,

I do see a great deal of new opportunities coming your way between the 15th of May and the 15th of September.

The first thing I am seeing for you involves your emotional life. You are being given an opportunity to open your heart to more enriching emotional experiences with everyone in your life. Ironically, as you do this, it will create more opportunities in other areas of your life.

Sometimes we think that by doing something greater or making more money we will be happy and yet the truth is when we place our attention on being happy first and foremost everything else falls into place gracefully and easily.

The key to your happier and deeper emotional experiences lies in letting go of your past completely. This is not always easy to do but one thing I have found that works very well is to “bless your past” and then release it.

You are the magnificent being that is you today because of it. Without our pasts, our stories and our history we would not have the chance to learn, grow and evolve in to better versions of ourselves.

As you release your past, you will yourself be better able to focus on love and happiness and with that your fears will subside.

I would like to offer a daily prayer from a fabulous book by Marianne Williamson called “A Year of Miracles”:


Today I call forth my highest mission, by standing in the space of my highest self. As I do so, the universe arranges itself to pave the way for my highest performance in the world. I will naturally attract all people, all ideas, and all situations that make it so. Amen.


In essence this prayer will assist you to become who you are capable of being so that you with your new business/career opportunity can do what you are capable of doing full out and without fear or reservation.

You will begin to trust the doors that open up to you as being part of the greater plan of your life, your ability to act on them will be effortless and the resources you need have a greater chance of manifesting themselves quite magically.

Every day is a new day… Just for today focus on more enriching emotional experiences by letting go of the past and being happy with your life and yourself just as you are. Say the prayer every day until you believe it with all of your heart and you will witness the miraculous unfolding of your highest calling and have the ability to proceed fearlessly. I wish you the best on your new journey!

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