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Dear Dawn...

I feel as though my life is not moving in the direction it should. I am happy for the most part but I feel as though I am missing something. Is there something better and bigger that I should be doing? Thank you for guidance, K.


Dear K.,

You have a natural gift of healing through energy. A way to express this in your everyday life is by working to keep your own energy positive and loving. This is very easy to do and one method that would be ideal for you is through yoga.

Yoga comes in many different forms and the through a bit of research choose the type of yoga that resonates with you on a very deep level. Not only will yoga assist with on over-all feeling of a stronger physical well-being but it will also serve to get the energy moving through your chakras so that you are feeling stronger and grounded energetically.

With spring and summer on its way it would be helpful for you to spend more times outdoors and especially where there are flowers. Flowers have the ability to draw negative energy out of our bodies without this affecting them at all. This is one reason why flowers are so popular as gifts for patients in the hospital. They are extremely healing.

It would also be very good for you to keep a plant on your night stand. It will help to heal your own energy systems as you sleep. You will also find that you sleep much better and wake up feeling more rested and energetic.

Sometimes we think that we should be doing something big with our lives for it have meaning but this is not always the case. You can move mountains through your love given to your friends and family. Again, the more love you have for yourself the more love you have to give others. This is actually very central to your life purpose and I feel it would, in the long run, bring you the greatest joy.

I realize that being self-reliant is very important as well and you do have any opportunity in front of you that I sense you are minimizing that will bring the financial well-being that you desire as well.

Right now all you have to do is decide to move ahead with it. Say "Yes" to this opportunity even if you don’t have all the details figured out yet. You will be guided and supported by the Universe through your commitment to taking a leap of faith with this opportunity.

Every day is a new day… Just for today do what you can to bring your energy back into balance, focus on your deep love for friends and family and say "Yes" to this wonderful new opportunity that is in front of you. Surrender your fears about “how” to proceed to the Universe. You will be guided, one step and one day at a time, to your ultimate success.

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