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Dear Dawn...

I am looking for insight on how I can best deal with the confusion and what seems like a constant waiting game in my life. Can you please advise me?

Thank you, C.


Dear C.,

I am getting several messages for you to help you through this time.

For the next three weeks you are being urged to really take time to get more rest than you usually would allow yourself and do any form of mediation that will allow for you feel rejuvenated by the end of the month.

From there, in May, I see confusion in your relationships being restored with harmony, balance, compassion and love.

You are extremely intuitive and if allow your gift of intuition to guide you daily you will feel a stronger sense of peace and purpose.

I also sense that there will be temptations that may cause you to veer off your path. These temptations are given to you as an opportunity to stay true to yourself, to love yourself and to choose the highest course of action in all that you do. This is not to say that a little indulgence from time to time will hurt you, just don’t allow them to overshadow all that you hold dear and all that you are trying to accomplish.

May will be a very busy month for you and will be given many choices and decisions to make that will allow for what has felt like a long period of waiting to be finally over. Again, in following the guidance above you will be able to make the wisest of decisions and it feels like you will almost be embarking on a very new and exciting path. This is something you have longed for and it is your time, if you so choose.

The next three months will bring you a renewed sense of passion and creativity and the will and strength to fulfil your destiny. Fortune is there for you in whatever you decide and you do have what it takes to create it easily and effortlessly.

You no doubt have been through a very challenging time but there is light at the end of the tunnel and by the fall you will be well on your way to living the life of your dreams. You are stronger and more resilient than you give you yourself credit for.

It is not uncommon to feel exhausted after all that you been through which is why even a three week period of rest and relaxation (and meditation) will help to restore you to balance. A good metaphor for this is to think of it as a love bank. Your account is very low and you can fill it up to the brim through self-care and self-love.

Every day is a new day…. Just for today rest and relax. Be kind to yourself. Speak gentle and loving words to yourself. See yourself as the star of what will be your own show by fall.

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