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Dear Dawn...

The past three months have been like walking through quicksand for me. I have been having nightmares and now the bright light in my life, my child, has started acting out in ways towards me that have been very hurtful and unfair. I have dedicated my life to being there for her and this is causing me so much added grief and anxiety. How do I handle this? When will things feel better and life not be so difficult?

Thank you for advice and wisdom, H.


Dear H.,

Many of my clients have been experiencing the same thing since the New Year. If it helps at all, you are not alone.

In general, we are all being asked to transform our lives in one way or another and that the transformation speaks to your heart and soul, reflecting what is right, just and true for you.

April is going to be a month where your main area of transformation will come to light.

I feel that there are many great things for you on the horizon regarding your career and finances and you have made courageous choices to spread your wings in these areas. Continue to do this in April and the key to your success from May onwards is to take it slow, to be methodical in your approach and trust in Divine Timing.

By the end of April the feeling of walking through quicksand will no longer exist. The Universe has a way of guiding us through these tough times by shining its light on all that is good for us. Keep following that light. Wherever you see it, feel it or sense it in any way, it is guiding you down your true path.

Regarding your child, this is actually the main area of your life that has been out of balance and where boundaries were not taken seriously by your child.

This month is an ideal time to take a time out and reflect on your part in this and determine healthy boundaries moving forward. They key here is to start honouring your own limitations and also start asking for what you need rather than just give of yourself without taking into account your own feelings.

The recent acting out of your child, I feel, is the straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak, so that you could honestly assess how you have allowed yourself to be treated and have the strength and courage to make some long needed changes so that the respect you deserve does not just happen when your child feels like it but rather at all times, even when your child feels otherwise.

Every day is new day… Just for today, be strong and stand up for your divine right as a mother to be treated with kindness and respect at all times. You will have to set this as a clear boundary with your child. Keep following the light on your career path; happiness, success and fulfillment will happen.

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