A New Day With Dawn  

Dear Dawn...

Can you please tell me what you see in my immediate future?

Thank you for your time; I am very appreciative for any insight you may provide.



Dear D.,

Your immediate future holds many new beginnings for you and you are being asked to take a leap of faith when the right opportunity arises. Be open minded and think big. What does your heart long to do, be and have? Being clear on this will help guide you in making the right choices as I do see two or three that you will have to choose from.

For the rest of March and for the month of April it is essential to bring your life back into balance and to be patient with yourself and others.

I am also feeling the need for you to learn to balance your thoughts and emotions so that they are more in harmony with each other.

I like to use an exercise where I sense a brilliant white light coming down from the heavens through the top of my head and into my heart. From here it does a circle eight back up to my mind and then again back down into my heart. Affirm that you are developing a “loving mind” and a “wise heart”. Once you feel the energy of this (just a couple of minutes) you can stop. Try doing this every day for a full month.

In May you will experience many aspects of your life shifting for the better and any delays you have been experiencing up until now will start to subside.

A major new aspect for you and your life is attracting your ideal partner. This is coming across as a significant event for you as this person is being shown as your soul mate.

There are many types of relationships and some are meant for us to learn and grow. I feel that you have experienced a lot of turbulence in this area in the past but please know that those experiences were there to mirror aspects of you that needed healing and growth.

A book that I would like to recommend that you read is “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz. It will serve you well in preparing for the wonderful changes ahead in May. It will also help you to bring parts of yourself that are getting in your own way into a higher perspective so that these aspects are working for you rather than against you.

Every day is a new day…. Just for today, reach for the stars and develop more balance and harmony between the mind and heart. Be as patient as you can until May at which time I do see a clear path to the realization of your most heartfelt desires. Know that you deserve to be happy and fulfilled (we all do) and do not settle for less. I am sending you much love and light and am holding the space for your amazing future.

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