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Dear Dawn...

For almost the last ten years my life has been something of a train wreck. I have learned a lot, and am grateful for that, but I am wondering when will it be my time for a real life?

I exist. I have very little joy, try to find the positive in things and life, yet do not have the basics like a place to live to call my own. This has been going on for ten years, with the exception of one full year, almost three years ago.

Do you see my situation changing any time soon?

Thank you. K.


Dear K.,

The key to having your circumstances change in the near future is to release old attachments and all negative emotions associated with your current situation.

There is a great method for doing this called “The Sedona Method”.

Your goal right now is to make every effort to find joy and gratitude for even the smallest of things in your life that are working. Writing a gratitude list each day will help with this. As you find pleasure in the simple things your life will transform easily and effortlessly.

I do see improvements and even your greatest wishes being fulfilled in the next six months. Are you clear on what you desire?

Another very effective and fun way to gain clarity is to create a vision board. Place a picture of yourself in the middle and then add photos, words or anything else of meaning to you around your picture. Put your vision board in a place where you can see it every day.

The best timing for doing this is on March 30th as it will help you to transform your life in the 12 months after that. I would even add words that reflect positive thoughts and emotions to this board.

This is meant to be a very fun and celebratory exercise and I know you will be pleased with the outcome that doing this will manifest.

Between now and then, which is only a few weeks, think of any and all new directions you would like your life to take you. Our desires do come to us from a higher power and the universe truly wants us to be happy and prosperous. Think outside the box with this and try to be unlimited in what you see as your potential.

The problem is not that you are asking for too much. As is the case for many people, you are asking for too little.

Every day is a new day ….Just for today work on letting go of the past and transform your emotions into positive ones through the practice of daily gratitude for even the smallest of what is good in your life right now. Think outside of the box and see yourself living the life of your dreams. Create a vision board based on that. Let go and allow the universe to gift you with all that you desire and more.

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