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Dear Dawn...

I am expecting the arrival of my first baby this year. Can you guide with what 2014 may hold for me in light of this amazing new addition to my family? Thank you, E.


Dear E.,

The over-all theme for you in 2014 is having good fortune and many aspects of your life changing for the better. The arrival of your new baby is part of that, congratulations!

Becoming a mother will find you actually coming into your own in terms of a sense personal power and well-being. Being a mother is something you have wanted very deeply and it is, in large part, going to transform your sense of self-identity.

Your life will have new meaning and with that you will likely find yourself making many changes to accommodate being a mom.

You are also being guided to reach out and get help from others. Having a newborn can be exhausting, and although well worth it, you will need to allow time for yourself to get some rest so that you do not get worn down physically.

Emotionally you will be on top of the world and with the proper self-care and help from others you will be able to keep your physical well-being in balance as well.

As you continue to experience coming into your own, as a mother, throughout the year you will also find all other areas of your life moving forward as well. Be flexible and open to all the good that is coming your way. Having this baby will give you a new lease on life that will attract many other opportunities. These will be opportunities that have been latent because you have been focused on having a baby so the birth of your child will open you up to all that life has to offer you, which was blocked by your focus on being a mother.

This is really a great time for you to go through the nesting phase with as much joy and excitement as you can and which you deserve.

There is nothing for you to worry about as all indications point to a beautiful year for you and your family. Being a mother for the first can seem a bit scary but you have all the universal support and support of your loved ones to make this an exceptional experience.

Every day is new day… Just for today, allow yourself to rest in the peace of knowing that all is well, that this year is going to so positively transformed by the arrival of your baby and enjoy your nesting period as fully as you can. You do deserve this and all of the wonderful things coming your way just because with giving birth to this baby, you have also come into your own. Again, congratulations! There is no greater joy that I know of, than starting a family and being a mom. I am sending you many blessings for the amazing year ahead of you.

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