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Dear Dawn...

Thank you for taking the time you take to help others. I find people like you inspiring. 

I have a story that leads into my question. Many months ago I had this encounter with an older lady whom I had never met. I was at work sitting at my desk when she came to me and hugged me, she then told me I had a good soul and not to worry, everything would be okay and just be patient. When she finished her appointment she came back to my desk and hugged me so tight and kissed the top of my head (like my mom would have done).

A few months after this happened I was laid off from my job but felt a calm knowing it was the start of everything being okay (remembering her message).  Within a week of being laid off I started a new job in a different field of employment. I love working here, I feel like I belong, this is where I fit. I feel like everything is okay for the first time.

My question is, this new company could possibly close in April, or it could go in a positive direction. I may have a job offer coming from the same industry I left. Do I accept a job offer if one comes? Do you see this new company moving forward? 

Thank You in advance,



Dear SK,

The universe does work in mysterious and magical ways; you were certainly gifted with the presence of an earth angel which helped you to stay calm and centered when you were laid off. Congratulations in being able to recognize this and to take this woman’s words to heart as it helped you in getting your current job.

I actually see that you will be highly successful in completing your projects with your current company and although they will likely also move forward in a positive direction, you will be offered a new job.

Initially you may feel that you are not totally qualified for what is offered to you but what is being asked of you is to take a leap of faith. I see nothing but amazing outcomes with this new offer.

You will have a chance to grow and learn with this new position and will be very happy there.

This new job will also bring you a sense of wonder and joy that will flow into all other areas of your life, especially your home life.

You are being asked to focus your intentions on the experience of contentment, peace and abundance with this new job as well as with your life in general. You are a good soul and all good things are coming your way if you are willing to let them in.

Every day is a new day… Just for today set intentions on where you would like to be by 2015. You will be able to make the decisions coming your way with clarity and confidence.

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