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Dear Dawn...

Myself and my boyfriend, well ex now, has been having this on and off relationship for about two years now, and we recently broke up again. He would contact me out of nowhere - sometimes when we haven't been talking - and would talk to me really casually, which makes me really confused of what he wants. Does he want to get back together or does he not want to? I would ask him what he wants from me and he would tell me that it's best if I just move on but I feel like he doesn't mean that.

Do you see us getting back together? I still have so much hope for us, but I'm not too sure if I should still keep on hoping. – J


Dear J,

First of all I want to take this time to wish you a very Happy New Year!

Regarding your ex-boyfriend, I feel that it is in your best interest to let go of the relationship in terms of it being romantic in nature; I do feel that you can and will remain friends however.

Letting go is not always easy and I would like to suggest that you do what you can to clear your energy of this relationship so that you may open up to something new and better for you. A few Reiki treatments would be ideal for this as would a few PsychK sessions. There are practitioners for these modalities in most cities.

I am also being guided to tell you to stay optimistic around attracting someone new into your life. You do have the potential to attract your soul mate and positive thinking as well as faith will help you tremendously with this.

You are being asked to keep an open mind about what your soul mate would look like. You are reaching a time to re-consider what you once thought was ideal in a partner and consider other types of men and the qualities they would possess that would more closely match your core values.

One way to do this is through a very compassionate review of what has worked for you in past relationships and more importantly what has not worked for you. The elements and qualities that created issues in your past relationships are the ones you need to re-consider and change.

Again, think about your core values. They are very key to you knowing who your ideal partner and soul mate is at this time in your life.

It is also important that you do something every day for yourself as an act of self-love. It does not even have to cost you money. It is really about treating yourself the way you would desire a partner to treat you. This will show the universe that you are serious about meeting your soul mate and you will attract someone more quickly.

Every day is a new day… Just for today, let go of the past and make room for your soul mate.

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