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New Day With Dawn

Dear Dawn...

As the New Year is approaching I am finding myself reviewing my purpose in life and feeling as though I am off track in some way. Can you help me to know what my purpose in life really is or at least involves? I would really like 2014 to be a year where I can make a huge difference in my life and the lives of others. Just a little confused as to how to do this? Thank you. H.M.


Dear H.M.,

It is important to start any New Year by setting crystal clear intentions. This is much more powerful than the usual resolutions we set for ourselves each year. One intention for you that would be of benefit is, “I will say 'Yes' to all opportunities that come my way, regardless of my fears or doubts about my abilities to fulfil them successfully.”

When we are open to our highest good, synchronicities will allow for the unfolding of our true purpose in life. This is what I see happening for you in 2014.

There is one area of expertise that you are exceptionally gifted in and that is in the area of counseling. This is quite different from coaching and involves individual sessions that consist of the issues at hand rather than a program that deals with more generic issues.

Your greatest skill in this regard is through your power and ability to listen empathically and impart a wisdom that you seem to access quite easily; the wisdom actually comes from a higher place but your ability to access is second to none.

You are also being guided to do more in the way of a regular exercise routine that involves yoga; this will serve to strengthen you in mind, body and spirit and give you the extra energy that counseling involves.

I also feel that you are very concerned about financial success as you devote yourself to your purpose and the message that comes through for you is crystal clear to me - you will be divinely supported in all ways as you commit to and fulfil your purpose starting in 2014.

Once we know the “what” of a situation and in order to manifest it in its greatest form, we need to surrender the “how” to the universe and be still and at peace long enough to allow our internal guidance system to lead the way. This is, in essence, allowing the power of the universe to work on your behalf.

I see you starting a new job in 2014 that uses your current experience and talents to their fullest and this opportunity in your key to allowing yourself to develop your counseling abilities through the clientele of this establishment and being very successful not only in the job but also in garnering the respect from those you work with and also those you serve through this business.

Every day is a new day… Just for today say “yes” and surrender the rest in full faith.

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Dawn McIntyre is an award winning Certified Spiritual Advisor and Coach.  Dawn is also a best-selling author, has been the host of her own radio show, has been featured in Newsweek, USA Today and The Wall Street Journal, and has been a guest on over 200 radio and TV shows.

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