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New Day With Dawn

Dear Dawn...

My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for some time now. I do have a medical condition but it could be corrected with the proper treatment. Do you see us having a baby? Will the medical treatments work? Thank you for help with this; this is the one part of our lives that seems to be in question and yet is extremely important to us. - P.O.


Dear P.O.,

I do see you and your husband having children; two as a matter of fact.

The medical treatments will work and with your assistance will work faster.

What I mean by your assistance is using the power of creative visualization to heal your condition and allow for the birth of two very healthy children.

Creative visualization can do wonders in the areas of healing and manifestation; the power in it comes from your ability to use all of your senses, including the sixth sense.

It would be ideal if you and your husband can do this together. I would recommend starting with a “Reality Board” that consists of pictures of what you both see as being what an ideal family looks like. This will help to engage your senses in ways that just trying to think about it and seeing it in your mind’s eye cannot.

The more precise you can be with creating this reality board, the better. Also include I AM affirmations. An example would be: “I AM pregnant with our first child and feeling healthy and strong every day.” Keep them positive in nature and include as many as you can think of on your Reality Board.

In order to engage your sixth sense in this process a fun exercise would be to go stores that sell baby furniture and clothing and all things that you would want to fill your nursery with. This will open your heart to allow yourself to receive and you will be guided with more of what you desire for your ideal family to look like through the loving power of your intuition.

Again, this is a fun exercise that you can include your husband in.

An important point to mention is that in creating this you do want it be as joyful and loving and peaceful as possible.

This brings me to my last guided step for you and your husband. Have faith that all that you desire in this area will manifest. It only takes a small amount of faith to move mountains and if both you and your husband are of the same mindset in this regard it will speed up the process immensely.

Every day is new day ….Just for today start your Reality Board and get your creative visualization powers working for you. Enjoy the process, be creative, have fun with it, include your husband so you both are sharing the same mindset and have FAITH that your dreams of your ideal family will be your ultimate reality. Wishing you all the best!

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Dawn McIntyre is an award winning Certified Spiritual Advisor and Coach.  Dawn is also a best-selling author, has been the host of her own radio show, has been featured in Newsweek, USA Today and The Wall Street Journal, and has been a guest on over 200 radio and TV shows.

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