When Bipolar rules your life

Whoever said, “Some days you are the dog, some days you are the hydrant” was NOT bipolar! For those of us that are, the saying goes like this, “EVERY day we are the hydrant!”

People often wonder what it is like to have a mental malfunction once in awhile and be ‘normal’ the rest of the time’.  When you are bipolar it is the opposite, we treasure the days we feel ‘normal’ and the rest are all the same.

Sometimes little things like a deadline, a missed appointment or a forgotten birthday seem trivial to some; they start a ‘mental landslide’ for those with bipolar disorder and the guilt and grief that causes just makes matters worse.

A normal day can quickly go awry with one small mishap, then it seems to snowball. If you mention to someone, “Oh, I forgot to call the dentist and reschedule” they just answer it with, “No worries, just rebook it,” but for myself and others with bipolar disorder it becomes a fixation and robs us of the clear thinking we need for other daily tasks.

There are many ways to overcome this, from a chart or reminder calendar on the fridge, to Post-It-Notes left on the nightstand or in the car to write down something important and leave it where we can find it again.

The hard part for most people with bipolar disorder is keeping that in perspective and not getting totally overwhelmed with otherwise seemingly trivial matters.

When you are bipolar it seems things fall into two categories; not important and emergency with little else in between.

If you are bipolar or know someone that is, take a minute to reflect on the tasks that you face every day and try to find a way to not let them overwhelm you or those that you know or love that have this disorder.

It may not seem important to them, but it is very much so to those that face this. Sometimes the rocks on the beach seem like the mountains on the horizon and it is hard to tell the difference for us. Next time someone with bipolar disorder tells you something is amiss, remember, they may look at it totally different than you do.

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Keri-Lynn is a married mother of four children and two "step-men" and has been in the print industry for 20 years. She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder 11 years ago and has a keen interest in sharing her wellness strategies with others.

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