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The Odd Life of Timothy Green

Release date: August 15, 2012

The Odd Life of Timothy Green movie poster

When happily married Cindy and Jim Green (Jennifer Garner, Joel Edgerton) discover they can't have children, all they can do is sit at home and dream of what their child might be like. But after putting their wishes in a small box and burying it in the backyard, they are surprised to find young Timothy (DJ Adams) show up at their house one stormy night.

It isn't long before Timothy begins to exhibit strange and wonderful attributes, and the couple quickly realizes that the child is more special than they ever could have imagined. Soon enough, their whole little town of Stanleyville will be moved by the young boy.

Based on a story by Ahmet Zappa.

Additional details

Genre: Drama

Runtime: 105 min

Director: Peter Hedges

Studio: Walt Disney Pictures

Producers: Jim Whitaker, Scott Sanders, Ahmet Zappa

Screenplay: Peter Hedges

Cast: Jennifer Garner,Joel Edgerton,Dianne Wiest,CJ Adams,Rosemarie DeWitt,Ron Livingston,M. Emmet Walsh,Odeya Rush,Lin-Manuel Miranda,Lois Smith,Common

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