Classifieds Policies
The do's and don'ts

Who can place an Ad

Our classifieds service is designed for local, private advertisers only. All ads must be placed from a valid local email address that resolves to a local IP address. We do not accept retailers, merchandisers, dealers, agents, collectors or brokers in our regular Classifieds.

Classified Stores

For retailers, merchandisers, dealers, agents, brokers or collectors we offer a unique “Store” option in our main Classifieds categories. There is a modest monthly fee associated with this service. If you are interested in such an option, please contact [email protected] for more more information and pricing.

Auto Dealers

For licensed Kelowna auto dealers we offer our Castanet Automall, contact [email protected] for more more information and pricing.


Once you have paid to feature an ad, you have the ability to bump it to the top of the category as often as you like. This action may only be executed manually by the user. An auto relist function programmed by such means as an app or bot is strictly prohibited. This type of activity is unfair to our users and viewers and may result in your account being suspended.



All rental ads MUST comply with the Human Rights Code of BC and the requirements of the Rental Tenancy Act.

Links are provided below for your reference:
Discrimination in tenancy premises
Residential Tenancy Act

Castanet will remove without notice, any Rental ad that is not in compliance with the BC Rental Laws. Any fees paid will NOT be reimbursed.


Cats & Dogs:
  • Castanet will not accept ads for wolf-hybrid dogs.
  • Castanet will not accept ads for stud or breeding services.


As per Kelowna Bylaw #5421-82:

"No person shall sell or give away rabbits that have not been spayed or neutered."

In support of the local animal welfare groups including the SPCA, TRACS and the Okanagan Humane Society, Castanet will not not make any exceptions to this policy regardless of location.


Castanet will not accept Exotic pets which are prohibited in BC. For a complete list please see the SPCA website.

Please note:

SPCA shelters, Animal Charities and Rescue groups throughout the province of BC are overcrowded with unwanted animals. Animal overpopulation has reached critical levels.

Low income families in the Central Okanagan can apply for assistance of spay/neutering their pets through the SPCA and Okanagan Humane Society.

Should you require further information or assistance please contact:

BC SPCA via their website: BC SPCA or

Okanagan Humane Society via e-mail: [email protected]

Ad Screening

It may take up to 24 hours for ads to appear on site as new and modified ads are randomly screened by a classifieds moderator before being posted on the site. We review ads 365 days a year including weekends and holidays.

Ads identified as unacceptable or in the wrong category will be deleted before appearing on site and a notice may be emailed to you. If you see an ad that violates our policies, please assist us by clicking the REPORT AD button associated with the ad.

Castanet reserves the right to refuse any item without cause or notice and to terminate your account.

Email Classifieds Support

All email sent to [email protected] will be responded to by one of our classifieds moderators within 24 hours. We respond to classifieds email 365 days a year including weekends and holidays.

Prohibited Items & Services

You, as poster of an ad, take sole responsibility for ensuring that your item can be legally sold. Castanet explicitly prohibits the sale of the following items:

• Alcohol, tobacco, e-cigarettes and Cannabis related products.
• Body armour (must be licensed under the Body Armour Control Act).
• Consumer product recalled items. (Government of Canada site)
• Drugs: illegal, prescription and non-prescription drugs, drug paraphernalia and services.
• Explosives and fireworks.
• Health and weight loss products that are unauthorized as determined by Health Canada. (Unauthorized health products list)
• Medical/health devices requiring a prescription.
• Multi-level marketing or pyramid schemes, job postings relating to on-line surveys or ads that send traffic to another website.
• Offensive, obscene, pornographic material, escort agencies, and/or services.
• Ski Passes & Lessons: regardless of type or location
• Taxidermy Items or Animal Abatement.
• Vehicles sold by "curbers" (unlicensed commercial auto dealers).
• Weapons and related items (ie. Firearms, firearms parts & accessories, ammunition, BB, airsoft & pellet guns, hunting bows etc.)
• Monetary and Financial Exchange Dealing: Ads include monetary requests; conducting transactions where one type of money or currency is exchanged for another.

**Ads that are not clear on the material being sold or service being offered.
**Duplicate or similar ads in one category.

Castanet reserves the right to refuse any item without cause or notice and to terminate your account.