"Growing up in the Okanagan" Discussion, Reading,

Saturday, March 24, 2018     1:00 PM

Greater Vernon Museum & Archives, 3009-32nd Ave., Vernon, BC, Vernon Locate on the map

“Growing up in the Okanagan” is Vivian Merchant’s story, the story of how a four year old English boy came to the Okanagan Valley. His parents left an England depressed and shattered after six years of war, coming to a new land with new opportunities. There was initial hardship and adaptation to the economy of the new land dependent on primary industry. Step-by-step the hardships were overcome, leading to steady employment and home ownership on one of North America’s most beautiful lakes.

As a boy, Vivian not only did the usual childhood things, but was blessed with a father who ensured that his sons always had a boat available, once they moved to the lake. Not just a boat, but a large barrel of gasoline allowing him and his brothers to explore the lake! But there was work to be done, also. Work to buy the model aircraft and books and Christmas gifts for family members. Work to help in home improvement. Work that was not only work but also learning experiences and provided a work ethic that lead to success.

A discussion of the book, reading and signing will take place at the Greater Vernon Museum & Archives Saturday March 24th from 1:00pm – 2:00pm. The book, Growing up in the Okanagan, will be available for purchase during the event or you can pick up a copy later at the museum, Bookland, Expressions of Time, or order on Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/Growing-ip-Okanagan-Vivian-Merchant/dp/1973953676.

Admission for this event is by donation. As space is limited, please call 250-542-3142 to pre-register. For more information call the museum, visit www.vernonmuseum.ca or find us on facebook page.


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