Condo fires

I would like to share my thoughts regarding the recent apartment (condo) fires.
It’s beyond me that the regulators and building codes can allow three, four and and even higher story buildings being built out of wood and combustible products! It’s a known fact that wood burns!

Had these structures been built out of steel studs and concrete products the damage would be very minimal if at all, and the only things that could burn would be contents.

Granted the initial cost to construct these building’s might be a little higher but the savings in insurance and the diminished threat of fire would more than make up for the cost. Lots of people are now out of home and belongings.

Think about it... vinyl siding, tarpaper and wood, vinyl melts and tar paper and wood burns hard and fast, yet these products are being used in three and four story buildings in our area. It’s bad enough that our single story detached homes are built with these products let alone apartment complexes.
Hopefully the regulators and building codes will address this issue.

Walt Schwab

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