Thief rips off life

The person you stole $850 from, was going to use that to pay their rent. The cell phone you stole, was a phone we carried with us when we leave the house because I have a medical condition that may require us to call 911 while away from the home. The sleeping pills you stole, well, I hope they help you sleep at night, knowing now that you have caused us to use our food money towards partial payment of July's rent. And next month, we have to use our food money once again to pay the other half of July's rent - on top of August's rent.

The Ministry does not provide any assistance or support when your rent money is stolen, even if you're on disability as my we are. You're told to call the food bank (which I am grateful for, at least with the hamper we qualify for once a month, we'll have food for two weeks over the next two months. And if we're lucky, they'll be able to give us some cat food for our 2 cats.) and to ask friends and family for money.

Being on bed rest frequently due to my disability, I rely on my computer/internet for social support/communication. I rely on the TV for entertainment. Because we had to use that money towards catching up on our rent for the next two months, you also stole a great chunk of my life as we are now $175 behind on that bill and will have to catch up somehow.

You stole our hope, our faith in the good of humankind and you stole some of our livelihood. Again, I hope the sleeping pills help you sleep at night.

Sarah & Geno P-A.

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