CN owns the line and KPR leases it. There is a reason CN leases out their short line railroads. The railroad company here has never ever made any money on rail traffic.

Any money they have made has been made with easements, right of way's and usurious lease and rail line upgrade fees for customers. The same customers who are going to be facing major cost increases for transport of their products now.

CN isn't any better. If you look at the condition of the rail line itself, it is deplorable. It doesn't look like any serious consideration has been given to maintaining any of the rail lines or rail infrastructure.

Neither CN nor KPR has a proper business model for this short line. The necessary upgrades at this point would be so cost prohibitive that I predict they will use this latest fiasco as an excuse to sell off some of the lucrative assets (lots of waterfront and commercial land) which were granted to them many years ago in order to facilitate a railroad. The ones that haven't already been stripped.

Don Jensen

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