Okanagan Humane Society

Handful of older women, mostly 60 and 70 plus, trying to make a difference, providing help to low income families to fix there pets. Insane area of operation - from Salmon Arm to Osoyoos. 17 years of constant fund raising, huge stress and frustration. That's Okanagan Humane Society (OHS), 100% volunteers, no shelter and nobody paid a penny. No days off and holiday once in blur moon.

Mandate:  To assist with spay and neuter.
Reality:  Several members crawling through the dirt alleys and junk yards trapping stray cats and kittens forced to live lives of misery, diseases and starvation by ignorant humans. These women work without any publicity, recognition - out off compassion.

They share there homes with dozens of animals and carry the costs out of there pockets.

Grants to OHS: Gaming Commission 6,000, RDCO 4,800.
Spay/neuter cost for the first 5 month of this year 45200! Over 450 animals altered.

Unbelievable numbers of calls asking/begging/demanding help, claiming that the local SPCA shelter is full.

Just during the last four  weeks:

  • Woman died on the Westside leaving 30 cats behind (21 kittens and 9 cats altered by OHS)
  • 2 calls from Rutland - one colony of 15 - 20 cats, the other 16 cats and 9 kittens in man's yard.
  • 2 litters from Westbank trailer park.
  • Family with several animals evicted-cat and 9 tiny kittens were accepted into an overcrowded foster home.
  • Cat and 7 newborn kittens rescued from Winfield.

The Society can no longer cope with these requests. The MOST important thing YOU can do is to E-mail the City Hall ([email protected]) and Regional District Chair ([email protected]) asking for "Spay/neuter bylaw".

The situation today is completely out of control. WORSE than 15 years ago.

Donation to the OHS can be made at any Vet Clinic in the valley.

To foster, volunteer or adopt, please send an E-mail (okanaganhumanesociety.ca)

Thank You
Helena Pol

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