Cat found two days after fire

Arlo is safe and sound.

One of two cats missing following Tuesday's blaze at the Legacy 2 condos on Rutland Road, Arlo, was found safe and sound Thursday afternoon.

"He was behind the washer and dryer through the whole fire," says Arlo's owner Steve.

"I was at work and had the funny feeling I had to take the afternoon off to find my other cat. One of the inspectors from the fire department was there and I asked if they wanted to do another sweep. And, they found him."

The good news didn't stop there for Steve (not his real name) and Arlo.

"I can't believe it," he stated, holding back the tears. "I took him to Rose Valley Veterinary Clinic and they are going to take care of the vet bills."

"He was full of smoke from the fire," says Dr. Oz at Rose Valley Veterenary Clinic.

"We groomed him, gave him IV fluids and took X-rays."

According to Dr. Oz, the x-rays came back pretty much okay.

He says Arlo should be ready to go after a couple of days of treatment and care.

While Arlo gets nursed back to full health Steve and the rest of the homeowners and tenants at Legacy 2 are still looking for answers.

Steve says a meeting Wednesday evening did little to calm many people down.

"To be honest I'm not impressed, I think they could have done a better job in the meeting. They didn't seem to have all the answers. One guy kept repeating himself, 'there's water damage, there's water damage'. No crap there's water damage - people want to know what's going on," says Steve.

"I think it's a combination of everything. The shock settling in, knowing that everybody has lost everything, everyone was panicking, everyone wants to know what we can do, what we can get."

Steve says people were angry and frustrated, mainly over not knowing just what was going on and the process.

He says the notion that homeowners would still have to pay strata fees despite being displaced seemed wrong to him.

The process of only being allowed 15 or so minutes to gather up belongings once they are allowed back in also didn't make any sense to him.

"They are saying some of the stairs are unsafe and there is no electricity, so it's dark on the first, second and third floor which I can understand," says Steve.

"At the same time we shouldn't have a 15 minute curfew to grab what we can and get out. That's our lives in those places."

He added many people were also angry with the cause of the fire, an unattended barbeque on the second floor.

"As for the barbeque there's rumblings among the tenants that they plan a class action lawsuit against the guy," says Steve who says another tenant on the second floor approached him with the idea.

"Last night after the meeting he had maybe 17 or 20 signatures already on a piece of paper. Naturally, if we go ahead of this we have to make sure that the guy who had the barbecue had insurance. If he doesn't have insurance it doesn't go through and we are in the same boat as we're in today."

Steve, who moved to Kelowna with his wife a year ago from Vancouver Island says he can't say enough about the job of the fire fighters and the outpouring of support from the Salvation Army and the citizens of Kelowna.


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