Sensationalization of news

I understand that the nature of the business of reporting is not always pretty. However I am sick and tired of the style Castanet reporters with their "sensationalist" writing and graphic photos. I'm speaking of one of your most recent articles "At least 1 dead in Hwy 97A Crash".

No one needs to see a close up photo of a burning car that might have had their family member inside. To tell the story, I understand a photo of the vehicles or the accident scene is necessary. But shame on you for publishing such a graphic photo.

It was over the top and a grab for attention that wasn't needed. People would have read the story and been horrified without you blasting them with that image. Seems to me your reporters (and editors) would publish a photo of their own dying family to make a buck. I am sick.
Heather Nichol

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