Westside Road getting a bad rap?

Is it the road itself or the driving public that makes Westside Road so dangerous?

Over the Canada Day long weekend, RCMP conducted speed enforcement on the road, voted 'The Most Dangerous Road in BC' in a recent online survey conducted by BCAA.

Cst. Kris Clark says police continue to see dangerous speeds and aggressive driving on Westside Road despite the winding stretch of asphalt being well known as a treacherous roadway.
Sunday's enforcement echoed those concerns.

Clark says two motorcycles were observed speeding excessively - the highest at 163 km/h in a 70 km/h zone.

Both motorcycles were impounded for 7 days and the drivers fined under the Motor Vehicle Act.
Another man was stopped for passing illegally and found to be driving while prohibited. His vehicle was impounded and he was released roadside with a future court date.

"Every road is dangerous because you have motorists on them and motorists can be unpredictable," says Clark.

"You drive to your ability and, if your ability dictates you can only do 50 km/h then that's appropriate. You are increasing your risks of serious injury and crashes by increasing your speeds on a road that is well documented as being dangerous."

Clark says the braking distance is proportional to the square of the speed – which means that it increases considerably as speed increases. Add in the distance your vehicle travels while you react to that car, pedestrian or unforseen road obstruction and you dramatically increase your risk of being involved in a casualty crash.
The higher your speed, the higher your risk of serious injury.

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