The draft marine plan for the Pacific North Coast

The draft marine plan for the Pacific North Coast (PNCIMA) is full of vague, abstract promises like those the government of Canada has made for decades, without any concrete commitments.

After years of public meetings, scientific research and negotiations, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans should have developed specific recommendations for action.

Australia has some 40% of their oceans protected, and even the US 8%, while Canada protects less than 1%.  We must do better!
In order to meet stated goals for ocean conservation, Canada must take concrete steps forward, including:
Complete and implement the National Marine Protected Areas strategy;  Engage with the First Nations-Province of B.C. Marine Planning Partnership; Provide capacity to DFO and Environment Canada for scientific analysis and ecosystem-based management to meet the sustainability goals identified in the draft PNCIMA plan; Establish an advisory committee to track implementation, adaptive management, and marine protected areas. 

Thank you for the opportunity to provide comment.

Sincerely and with great concern for the future of our oceans,

Jill Schroder


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