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Dear Dawn...

I have recently gone through a very painful break up. My ex-boyfriend went back and forth between whether we should be together or not. He stated several times he loves me, wants to be with me, he wants us to work out, but he can't be with me because of a bitter taste in his mouth towards me that I wouldn't understand. He promised that if it fades, he would give me a call. So I'm left bewildered and confused. I do not know whether I should move on, or wait to see if that taste fades. When we started dating I felt a connection I've never felt before, like he was my soul mate. I feel that our story has not had its ending written yet, but I'm not sure if it is my emotions or something deeper. S.W.


Dear S.W.,

I agree that your story is not over; what you are experiencing is a phase that is requiring the both of you to go back and revisit the issues that brought you to this point so that you may heal from the emotional trauma and move forward.

What is being asked of both of you is forgiveness and compassion. I have written many times about forgiveness and want to share a quote with you that might help put it in a perspective where it becomes easy for you both to do; ultimately we forgive out of self-interest:

“I forgive you because I want out of my pain. I forgive you so that I can be free of what you did. I see beyond your mistake to the love in you so that I can see beyond the mistake to the love in me – because only then can I have a miracle.”  Marianne Williamson

With respect to compassion, it simply means to soften your heart about this situation and especially towards yourself. When we can look at a situation compassionately instead of taking it personally we open ourselves to creative solutions and healing the situation becomes easier and happens more quickly.

On or shortly after the 22nd, given that you have worked on forgiving yourself and your partner and have been more compassionate with yourself, I see your relationship being restored and with a bond that is deeper than it was before.

Your union is actually that of ‘twin flames’ which is essentially the highest form of a romantic relationship possible. What this means for you at this time is that it is essential to not lose faith and most importantly, to love and nurture yourself in the meantime.

Every day is a new day….Today, allow yourself to experience the miracle of forgiveness, the serenity of compassion and a love for yourself that is greater than it has ever been. This will prepare you to love your partner more than before and to establish a solid foundation that will keep you together through the test of time. I wish you much love and happiness today and always.

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