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Shuswap Lake continues to rise

The Shuswap Lake continues to gradually rise relative to the snow pack melt forecasted at approximately 20mm per day. The lake level for Shuswap Lake is reported at 348.0 meters and is estimated to peak between June 15 and 17 ranging from 348.2 and 348.6 meters.

Eagle River has reached peak and it is too early to project the Shuswap River peak, however it is well below a 1 to 2 year flood rate. These approximations and peak dates are contingent on precipitation and localized rain patterns. 

Although the weather forecast provided by Environment Canada is for a gradual dry and warming trend, weather patterns remain unsettled with localized, intermittent showers and a possibility for a thunderstorm overnight in the Shuswap area. 

Snow packs to date are at 25 to 40 percent of seasonal melt off for the Park Mountain and Hunter Range with Celista Mountain recording 34 percent melt off. 

Sandbags are available for those residents living in flood prone areas. Pick up free bags in Salmon Arm or Sicamous at their respective Public Works yards. Information regarding area sand suppliers and sandbagging techniques can be obtained by visiting the Shuswap Emergency Program’s website

As the Shuswap Area transitions from spring weather to hot, dry summer days, the Shuswap Emergency Program reminds everyone to be prepared.

Visit the Shuswap Emergency Program at the Sicamous Safety Fair, June 22, to obtain great tips, view samples and test your knowledge on emergency preparedness.

The Shuswap Emergency Program also has emergency preparedness information on their website

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