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In response to Janice’s letter that vehicles are to blame for not acknowledging cyclists on the road, I completely disagree!

I had two instances this past weekend where I was driving on single lane roads and cyclists were riding side-by-side impeding into my driving lane. In one case there was time for me to swerve into the oncoming lane and pass them before the next vehicle approached, but in the other instance I slowed right down, they looked back and clearly saw that they were impeding traffic but continued to ignore the rules of the road as if they do not have to abide by them. My car and the line of cars behind were also very visible. Both cases the cyclists were in the wrong and should be riding single-file.

I am sure many people have stories that are similar to mine or similar to yours, but my point is that you cannot simply identify one story where a vehicle was in the wrong and assume that all vehicles are to blame for not sharing the road. I think that both cyclists and drivers need to make themselves more aware of each other and how to properly share the road.

Andrea Reimer

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