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Dear Dawn...

I have been living with my boyfriend for several months now and I am not sure if we should stay together once our lease is up in a few months. There is nothing really wrong with us but something in me is feeling that it may not meant to be permanent. Can you please provide any guidance or any insight on what I should do? Thank you, C.M.


Dear C.M.,

The most important thing to consider with your relationship right now is the timing. In this sense, you are being guided to not rush into any decisions and take some time to look deeper into why you feel this may not be a long term relationship.

There is a lot going in both of your lives right now and I can see that many opportunities will present themselves for both of you in June, July and August. This will ultimately change the landscape of your relationship.

Knowing what you want and need in a long term relationship is essential in deciding whether or not this union is best for both of you.

One thing to remember is that if it is not ideal for one of you then it is really not ideal for the both of you. Again, this will become clear to you around the middle of August.

An aspect that I can see that is not clear to either of you is your financial future. Talking about this and making some decisions around this will help you to determine your sense of security for the long term; something that I feel is extremely important to you and yet has been lacking in your life for quite some time.

Compassion for yourself right now will also help; I am getting that you are putting a lot of pressure on having to have all the answers right now when in truth all you need to know is what it is you truly desire and then allow the details of that unfold. This is a great time for that and over the next several weeks, with all of the positive changes for you both in terms of career and finances, the answers you seek will simply present themselves as tangible realities of your new life …and an improved lifestyle.

One other important consideration that is showing up is creating something for yourself that you can do, apart from your partner that will feed your spirit. You can do this alone or with friends but having an enjoyable aspect of your life that you can look forward to every week that is separate from your union will serve to help you feel as though you are living once again; not just working and being in a relationship.

Every day is a new day….balance is key here and enjoying a full life. You are highly creative and anything you decide to do to enhance that part of you will bring you much joy and peace in the coming months.

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