Kelowna's loo

I think it would benefit Mr doell regarding the "giant" loo, to realize the nature of the original comment that was made and it was that of humor/distaste and not an attack on the portable services provided by various companies around Kelowna. 

Mr. Weaver was simply commenting that the construction that is happening with the dolphin towers and the re-facing or painting they are doing looks like the building is a giant loo. 

I too see the unfortunate image this might portray when driving over the bridge coming into Kelowna, however I believe that the building wrap is simply a comical yet unfortunate accident. The netting from a distance makes for a rather large likeness, but up close ensures the general public is safe from the "waste" that might fall and certainly contains it within the intended area instead of "spilling" into the streets.

There was not an attack on the services that Mr Doell offers, that of "collection" outlets in a public settings or rather the "portable loo". We require these facilities to ensure that event goers that need the "haven" provided by these receptacles, are able to use when the everyday structures are over whelmed with an influx of occupants. I certainly appreciated when one has consumed either a beverage or two, too many, or the food that was consumed in haste in the celebratory public event has an extra available outlet.

Standing strong these two stories are independent of each other, one again of unfortunate accident and the other of unfortunate representation. At least I would hope that is what Mr. Weaver was pointing out, because I wouldn't want to be around when "nature" calls and the latter part of my interpretation is not correct.

Jamie Jensen

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