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People keep claiming that bike riders should follow the rules of the road. In my estimation, it is the vehicle drivers who need to acknowledge that bicyclists abide by the same rules as those for vehicles!

What do car drivers not understand about the bike lanes that are highlighted bright green at intersections? I was almost into the intersection when a small, silver hatchback with blue & yellow lettering (courier?) on its rear window cut me off as it turned left in front of me. I had to jam on my brakes or there would have been a collision! What?

Can't drivers be courteous and slow down for a half-second? I was definitely in the right-of-way. 
I am very visible...pink bike, line green jacket & helmet. Next time I will be looking for witnesses (there was one pedestrian at the intersection who audibly gasped!) and taking down information and calling it in to the police!
Janice Sich

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