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One of our Total Health supporters is holistic health practitioner, Pamela Shelly. Pamela left her corporate job and started a holistic practice in 1995 to focus full-time on offering healing sessions and teaching workshops.

Unhealed wounds affect us on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. So many of us have restless or sleepless nights, feel underlying fear or anxiety and may even experience panic attacks, feelings of sadness or depression, discontent, anger and the list goes on. We have been so conditioned to take a pill or ignore, deny or suppress any negative unwanted emotions that come to the surface.

We use a variety of things to numb our feelings such as drugs, food, gambling, shopping, and escaping with TV, the Internet, social media, video games etc. All this eventually takes its toll on us and we find ourselves in crisis if we don’t take the time to face these parts of ourselves that can no longer be ignored. Road rage is just one example of suppressed anger that has built up over time, and is expressed in a burst of reactive rage.

For the past several years, Pamela has been passionate about learning, understanding and developing tools to assist herself, and her clients to discover, release and heal their blocks to living a life full of joy and prosperity.

Thankfully, there is always hope and lots of assistance for all of our challenges. It takes courage to ask for help and be willing to let go of the layers of emotions we are holding onto – most of which are at the subconscious level. Once we do this, healing can happen over a period of time or, for some, in an instant! The great news is nobody has to suffer unless they choose to.

Working together, Pamela helps clarify your vision, identify the issues that are hindering or blocking you and uses a variety of powerful experiential tools to guide, heal and release these issues, so you can live the life of your dreams.

You are here to experience joy, health, abundance, peace of mind, loving relationships, fulfilling careers and financial abundance.

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Tommi Hanley has a degree in journalism from Ryerson University. She owns an event company in Kelowna, Shop the Valley Destination Management and is the former lead instructor of the Event Promotions & Management program at the Centre for Arts and Technology. She launched her affiliate events company, purepower events with Kathy Reid in 2013.

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