Run a half-marathon? Yes you can.

September 7 may seem like a long way away, but if running a half marathon has been something you’ve toyed with, now is the time to start planning and training. Whether you’re a seasoned runner or not, this is an achievable goal and a gift to your strength and stamina. Just ask my colleague Jenny: this time last year she joked that she would only run if she was being chased. In January, she learned about the Kelowna Wine Country Half Marathon coming in September, and it spoke to her. She signed up for a running clinic. She’s now well on her way to meeting the challenge, and with Fresh Air’s upcoming Half Marathon Clinic (starting on June 11 and culminating with the September 7 race), you can set this goal for yourself, too.

So what’s this Kelowna Wine Country Half Marathon all about? It’s the inaugural race of its kind in Canada, and joins the ranks of 5 other Wine Country Half-Marathons that are organized by the professional race planners, Destination Races, whose motto is “Cool Races in Beautiful Places.”. The run will begin at Vibrant Vine Vineyards in East Kelowna, and the course takes runners through the beautiful vineyard and orchard-lined backroads of Kelowna, stopping in at Tantalus Vineyards (for a tasting, no less!) before descending to lake-level and finishing at Waterfront Park with a Wine Festival at the finish line. For any health-minded, wine-loving, exploration-oriented runner, this will be a race not to be missed.

The fact that it is Canada’s first Wine Country Half Marathon is an added bonus. Kelowna vied for the prestigious event against other Canadian wine country locations, and we are proud that the organizers felt an affinity with our scenic and recreation-loving city to award the event to our city this September. It will be a three-day long festival to celebrate running, wine, and healthy lifestyle. Do you have a fitness-fiend family member or friend who likes to visit you in Kelowna? Sign up together and show them this part of the Kelowna lifestyle – it always helps to have a partner in a challenge like this.

As for you, fellow fair-weather runner, here’s how to do it: Fresh Air’s Half Marathon Clinic is set for Tuesdays and Saturdays throughout the summer, and will plot out the healthy and sustainable path to a half-marathon for you so that by the time September 7 comes around, you’ll be ready and capable to meet the task. Cost for the clinic is $99 for the 13-week clinic or $174 for both the clinic and the race (since the race entry cost is $95, there’s a savings to be had with this combo). Fresh Air is also throwing in a T-shirt, training manual, and $50 in savings at the Fresh Air store. As far as gifts to yourself are concerned, this one pretty much tops the charts.

See what I mean? Totally achievable. And totally motivational. Now all we need to seal the deal is the registration form and a nice glass of Riesling.

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