Our Teflon Prime Minister

Prime Minister Harper denies any prior knowledge of the ninety thousand dollar bale out of Senator Duffy. I for one cannot believe that Harper's chief of staff would cut a personal check to dampen a scandal in the Senate and not mention it, even in passing, to his boss.

Anyone in a leadership role knows that Harper may not be responsible for the actions of his subordinates but he is accountable. He is accountable to the taxpayers of Canada and we are owed more than an 'It wasn't me attitude'.
The taxpayers are being defrauded. 

If Mr. Harper had no prior knowledge then he has nothing to loose by opening the books to investigators and getting rid of the bad apples. Are there too many skeletons hiding in closets that could ruin Harper's squeaky clean image? 
How long do we allow this mismanagement to go on unchecked?

Gordon Parrott

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